A note from the MHT Partners:

MHT was recently approached by a managed service provider from the East coast that was attempting
to expand into the Treasure Valley. They were attracted by our growth and stellar customer record and,
I suppose thought we’d be an easy acquisition. This was no small company either. They purchased our
former employer that was a nationwide company, probably 100 times our size, along with 10 other IT
companies in the valley over the past 12 months.

Our partners spoke with this CEO and his team and wanted to let all our clients know that we walked
away from the deal with no hesitation. Not that we were ever interested in selling by any means, but I
suppose it was curiosity regarding what a larger company thought we were worth. Well we were offered
$500,000.00 to close our doors and walk away or absorb us into his corporate machine and have us
convert our clients to theirs. Talk about lack of knowing your audience!

MHT was founded on being the IT company unlike the rest. Our partners have spent the better part of
20 years in just such companies learning everything that were not going to become. Ensuring our clients
felt like they were part of a family, rather than just another customer. A cornerstone of our foundation
is that we are all here to help each other. The company that wanted to buy us was the epitome of
everything we are NOT. Lengthy contracts, early termination fees, non-local help desks, rotating
technicians for clients, in other words pretty much every other large IT company out there. They tried
scare tactics, slight bullying and even a little ‘rope a dope’.

We wanted to let you all know that we stood strong for our clients protecting them from falling victim to
yet another expansion boom and going back to exactly what they had escaped when they joined our
family. We just wanted to send out a short note letting you all know just how much you mean to us, and
what we do to continue to bring you the best IT experience the Treasure Valley has to offer. Here’s to
many more years together.

From our team to yours; Thank you!