Security loop holes have been known to cause major damage to your business or even your home. Protect your wireless network from various attacks by locking it down. Here are some tips to keep yourself protected:

1. Use WPA/WPA2 encryption with a strong pass-phrase. If you are able to connect to your wireless network without a password you could be in serious danger.

2. Change the SSID on your wireless router to something creative. Leaving your SSID at its default name can give hackers a clue as to what wireless router you are using.

3. Even if your business has a “Guest” wireless network be sure to use some kind of password. It can be super simple and should be changed every 6 months.

4. Update your wireless router’s username and password. If you are using a default such as “administrator” and “password” this can easily be hacked.

5. If you really want to be sure that no other users can connect to your wireless network you can lock it down with MAC address limits. If your computer does not have a MAC address listed in the wireless router you can’t connect, not even with the pass-phrase.

Thanks for reading!

-Jacob Mylan