Idaho Website does web design right here in southern Idaho. We’re based in Nampa, and serve the entire Treasure Valley and beyond. While a majority of our clients are right here in the greater Boise area, we also serve clients all across the U.S.

What Is Web Design, Anyway?

So what is it that we do exactly? That’s a good question, because web design is a broad topic and covers a lot of ground.

To sum it up as succinctly as possible, we help people become more successful through the use of web technology. We can do this because we’ve spent a lot of time studying and practicing the uses and applications of web technology in the everyday problems that businesses face. What we’ve found is that while most people understand what it is that they need their website to do, they don’t always know how to get their website to the point where it’s helping them solve a business problem or attract new business. And frankly, our clients don’t always have the time, or want to deal with the frustration it takes, to become versed in everything they need to know.

We Help Businesses Get Started Online

As I mentioned, web design is only part of what we do. We also advise businesses just starting up on what they need (and don’t need) when it comes to establishing their web presence. When you begin setting up your business, you’re going to be inundated with vendors trying to sell you something that will purportedly make your business more successful on line. You’ll have somebody call you to set up google business page. You’ll have people calling you to sell you on their SEO services. You’ll start receiving emails about expensive CRM and other applications that you’ll really have no idea about. We’ve been around a while and so we know the best, most efficient, and least expensive ways for you to establish the myriad processes you’ll need to set yourself up on the web. For example, we’ll tell you that setting up your google business page is actually free, and then we’ll show you where to go. We’ll also explain the ins and outs of hiring someone to handle your SEO, and help you understand alternative marketing strategies.

Think of us as your personal Web Concierge

A lot of people go about getting their first website all wrong. They start by looking for someone who can do web design. The world wide web and its associated technologies are a complex puzzle. And what you should really be looking for is someone who knows how all of those individual pieces come together to achieve a given result.

We take the role of concierge. We talk with you, find out what you’re trying to achieve along with what resources you have to work with. And then we come up with a sustainable plan to get you where you want to go.