It’s no secret that hackers are out to get your sensitive information by any means possible. From attacks on your website to email threats, breaches have become more and more common. The average cost of a data breach in 2018 was $3.86 million, which makes this a concern for all companies,

One way to thwart an attack is by encrypting your emails. Email encryption is a way of disguising the content of the message to protect them from any unwanted eyes. With encryption, each person has a public and private key. The public key encrypts emails you send while the private key is used to decrypt emails you may receive.

Some email providers such as Gmail and Outlook already have an email encryption feature built in using the encryption protocol called S/MIME. Others like Yahoo or AOL need apps to enable the PGP/MIME encryption protocol. To help you further understand what options are best for you and your company, Panda Security has an infographic on how encryption works that details what you need to know about email encryption and notes some secure apps that can help you.

How to encrypt email