Does your computer have you as lost as Alice and as mad as the Hatter?

If you’ve received a mysterious calendar invite from an address like for an event that has you scratching your head, you may have encountered “calendar phishing.” These occur when a perpetrator sends a legitimate calendar invite from a random account trying to get you to click on a bogus URL, such as in the example below.

If you do encounter calendar phishing, let us know. And besides not clicking on the links in the invitation, you may also consider disabling auto acceptance of calendar invites. Here’s how to adjust your Calendar settings:

  1. From your Google Calendar, click the settings Gear Icon, then on Event Settings.
  2. For the Automatically add invitations option, click on the dropdown menu and select No, only show invitations to which I’ve responded.
  3. Below this, in the View Options section, make sure Show declined events is NOT checked, unless you specifically wish to view these.
  4. Any changes will be saved automatically.

Check out this article for more information.