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Is The Cloud The Right Place For Your Business?

A recent conversation with a colleague had to do with the benefits of the cloud. The question at hand was whether it’s better for companies to move their IT assets to the cloud, or to handle their own network infrastructure and data storage? And like everything in IT...

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Bad guys are using a malicious software to remotely access a user’s webcam and spy on them. The malicious software is called a RAT, which stands for Remote Access Trojan. And once installed, it gives the bad guys control over your computer’s webcam. Accessing other...

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Looking for a Project Management or CRM Solution?

We recently consulted with a local business that needed a project management and accounting solution. And we were so blown away by all the great (and occasionally free) products out there that we thought we’d share some of what we found. This blog is for anyone...

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The Encryption Virus

Encryption viruses may be one of the scarier viruses out there. For those of you unfamiliar with how they work, an encryption virus gets onto your system and starts encrypting documents and files. This renders the files unreadable by the applications that created...

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Avoid Admin For Everything

I really love getting viruses and malware on my computer – said no one ever.That’s right, those pesky, mysterious, annoying little troublemakers are the scourge of PC owners everywhere. But here’s a major reason why malware is so successful. It’s because a majority of...

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